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Harlow doll kit 

My Creative Process


First, I wash the vinyl kit with Dawn dish soap to remove any factory grease that is on the kit.  Grease and paint do not mix!


Once the kit is completely dry, I apply a thin layer of Genesis matte varnish to the entire kit.  This helps the paint stick. Genesis paints and mediums are heat set and must be baked at 275 degrees for 9 minutes.  I use a NuWave oven to bake my vinyl parts.


Each kit is painted with 20-25 thin layers of paint, baked between almost all layers to set them.  The layers consist of blushing, mottling, fine details, general skin tones and color washes.  Once I like the results, painting is considered complete.  For open eyed babies, placing the eyes in the head helps me detail the face.


Rooting is done using the finest mohair ( I like Slumberland mohair and Delta Dawn's mohair the best).

I start on one side, root around the back, up the other side and finish in the front.  I do the swirl on the crown last.  I use 42 and 43 gauge needles from Europe.  If too many hairs get rooted per hole, I tweeze out any plugs I see.  I root the hair long and give it a haircut once finished rooting.  If space allows on the eyelids, I root the upper lashes.

Once the hair is finished, I seal it inside the head with glue.


Once dry, I glue the magnets in the head for a pacifier and hair bow (for girls).  While this dries, I weight the limbs using fine glass beads topped with fiber fill. The limbs are sealed shut. The body is also weighted using larger glass beads in a stocking.  Lastly, I weight the head using a small stocking full of glass beads, then stuff with fiber fill.  I attach all her vinyl parts to her cloth body and she is ready for her photo shoot. 


On all custom babies, I ask several questions along the way to find out what you want and like.  Please keep in mind, I have one painting style.  You can see my skin tones and painting style in the gallery of dolls.  If you like what you see, then I am the reborn artist for you!  Please let me know if I can bring a baby doll to life for you.  




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