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These babies have all been adopted/sold.  I can create one similiar to what you see here, provided the kit is still available.
Enjoy looking around.

Anthony by Laura Tuzio Ross

Tanya #2 by Gudrun Legler

Robin kit by Nikki Johnston

Bean and Sprout by Laura Lee Eagles

Livia by Gudrun Legler

Indra kit by Reva Schick.

Maike kit by G. Legler


Sailor Rose by Cassie Peek

"It's a Girl" #6 by Tina Kewy

Harlow kit by Laura Tuzio Ross
Esmae kit by Cassie Brace
Adira kit by Iveta Eckertova

Tanya by Gudrun Legler

Lui San kit by Adrie Stoete

Logan kit from Bountiful Baby

Patrick by Debbie de Graaf

Gus kit by Tina Kewy

David by Tina Kewy.

"It's a Girl" #4 by Tina Kewy

"It's a Girl" #5 by Tina Kewy

Kali kit by Romie Strydom
Americus kit by Laura Lee Eagles
Ramsey kit by Cassie Brace

Kami Rose by Laura Lee Eagles

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